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This is not my dog nor situation but with all the attention this article has gotten and the impression that this information is False because of and other Veterinarians is not entirely True either. What they claim False is this particular story and the fact ice water or an ice cube in moderation is not an issue or an issue on relaxed, cooled dogs. But they do go onto state that the amount of any kind of water can cause an issue or vigorous drinking. 

I will put parts of the article in bold print to show that the dog wasn’t cooled down and before the ice in water was given, the dog had already drank the bucket of water and a bit later symptoms were noticed.

I will also add a link to how to treat a dog over heating. Within that part of the article.

Per AKC…

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As a child, writing short stories and plays were a coping mechanism to the madness around me. It was during the mid teens in which I dicovered poetry…or poetry discovered me…it’s a fine line. While living in a dorm at a Christian home for troubled young people is when it began. This is the very first poem I ever wrote and put to paper, at sixteen years of age.


Why am I so messed up inside

Holding feelings I don’t want to hide.

I’m trying so hard to deal with myself…

But my problems are left sitting up on the shelf.

I try to clear them to no avail..

Everything I do just seems to fail

Nothing I do seems to turn out right

But something inside me won’t stop the fight

I’m torn and tossed in this stormy sea

Trying to find who I’m meant to be

So many emotions all bottled inside

It can really mess up ones heart and mind

Things are confused…jumbled together,

Making my heart feel so under the weather. 


I’m hurting and hurting, the pain is so deep,

I’m climbing the mountain but its still too steep.

I need someone to lean on, who’ll understand,

Someone who’ll lend me their helping hand.

Most people are users…they like to abuse…

So when I get hurt…it’s really nothing new.

They say they’re “playin” but it cuts like a knife,

They just itch to cause someone strife.

Now my emotions are scarred and abused,

Body and soul are battered and bruised.

So be ready to fight…take it in stride…

Cuz this is a game…most people call life.

Lisa J Emery ’85

Free yourSelf…

Free yourSelf...

We’re often our own worst enemy, second guessing ourselves and not listening to or avoiding that still small voice inside…or by not slowing down enough to hear it.
Sometimes it’s our fear of what others will think or how they’ll react that paralyzes us.
When we learn to Love and Accept ourselves the fear dissipates…as though the “shackles have been released” and you become free to Be your Authenic Self…not the one behind the mask.
It only matters that You give Yourself! Permission to Be! The Greatness You Are.
#PeaceAndLove friends ♡♥


As we move through this craziness called life we experience the push and pull of the cosmos. Life is a journey..a rollercoaster…and as such there will inevitably be ups and downs. This quote captures the beauty..and oxymoron of life. When we reach those lows..remember its a natural part of the cycle, and how we react to these situations determines how quickly the lows will pass.
Like the cha-cha its a dance of two steps forward, one step back.
#PeaceAndLove to all


Waving my flag from the hypothetical caboose

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted…it’s funny how it escapes you until you realize just how much time has passed. Sometimes it seems like a stealth mission the way i avoid the laptop or writing materials as if i fear them.  It’s an odd dance swaying like a pendulum from one side to the next which I’ve been attempting to decipher for some time now.  If anything, my avoidance techniques are in top form i can say with all the great ideas I’ve lost  in the of depths of self sabotage. 

Now as I try to get my work “together” it likens to a sea of endless abyss…of paper and scattered notes drifting about like puzzle pieces none of which match.  It becomes paralyzing at times when I think about how much work there is to put together, I’ve been writing a long time…but i now admit I’ve been somewhat of a closet writer.  After being shut down with certain abusive situations in my life i lost my voice and have hidden my work in fear of being heard.  Which is why i believe i avoid putting myself into a “writing circumstance” much of the time.  

Through much self exploration over the past year or so I have learned much about myself, and one major thing I’ve learned is to Accept my flaws!  I have many physical and mental impairments which i’m really just coming to terms with…and y’know what?!  I’ve learned to embrace them…to embrace Me for all I am and all I’m not and thankful to realize the differences.  As I learn to set small goals for myself I intend to make writing visibly, more often one of them.  

As I realized how much energy I was using by denying my flaws i knew I had to change something.  And that something was in the “if you can’t beat them, join them” format, so I jumped aboard the crazy train and am now waving my flag from the hypothetical caboose.  We ALL have flaws, but when we expend our energy trying to hide them then no one else let alone ourselves will see the beautiful person Inside!  

Free yourself from the enslavement of your own mind and embrace the endless possibilities you have in your grasp…all you gotta do is Reach baby!!

Please feel free to comment and/or share.

Peace, Love and Light to All


Natures Fury….The clouds roll in and the sky turns black

The clouds roll in and the sky turns black

the lightning flashes…the thunder cracks

The ominous presence of nature takes hold

as the furies unleash and the storm unfolds

The skies open up and the rains come down

the torrents unleash…they know no bounds

The rolling thunders have a powerful voice

to acknowledge this power is our only choice

So sit back and witness nature’s violent song

’til it all subsides and decides to move on.

(c) Shady

I don’t know bout ya all…but i LOVE me a good thunderstorm and i raised my girls the same.  It would be an exciting time when thunderstorms came about at our house.

My inspiration for this poem was a particular ‘electrical’ storm i guess you’d call it. It seemed like lights were being flashed behind the clouds at rapid, brief intervals.  It always leaves me awestruck at the power of nature…awed and fearful..and full of respect.

I hope you enjoyed 🙂

Much peace, love & light


Could u live without ur Smartphone?

For the last 8 days due to influences beyond my control…i was forced to live without my…blackberry smartphone!   i know…it was tragic and i had one of those mini heart attacks one gets when they realize…OMG I HAVE NO CELL SERVICE!!!  That can be pretty tragic c’mon!!  The first couple days  i was thinkin bout all the things i was missin out on on my cell.  But then i started realizin all the things i had been missin out on cuz my face was buried in my cell while i was walkin.  i started seein all the new buds and flowers blooming, and the birds with their beautiful colors.  Parents out with their newly walking babies who toddle about on their chunky lil legs and of course all the dogs out for walks with their curiosity in high gear.

Now that my cell service is back on…I’ve decided that I’m not gonna walk and text anymore.  i don’t wanna miss the simple beauty cuz my nose is at my cell aaaaand it really Can be dangerous!  I’ll leave ya with a lil incident to prove my point.  As i was walking through the park last summer, fervently texting away and oblivious to all around me…i tripped.  No it wasn’t jus one of those lil skip trips where ya look around to see if anyone noticed.  It was the trip over yur own feet where ya totally hit the ground trip.  And not only did i hit the ground…i hit the ground landing on my elbows and forearms and nose touching the cement…i then rolled over (as gracefully as i could) so i was in a “turtle on its back” position and then i then jumped up and stuck celly in me pocket.  Afterwards I shook it off and laughed as i realized i hadn’t missed a beat with that text.  I shake my head when i think of that.

So my message is simple…take the time to really look around during your daily travels…really See whats goin on around you and find beauty in the small things.  Don’t get so caught up in the technology in your hands…it’ll be there when ya get a few minutes to spare.

Wishing erryone much Peace, Love and Light


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