Seeds of Peace


In this day/ in this age/ most people suffer some sort of rage/
There’s a movement amongst us/ it’s called Peace of mind/
it’s a natural state that we can All find/
Have a little compassion for all life that you see/
every person/ every creature/every plant/every tree.
All of life is sacred/ nothing is exempt,
an open mind and open heart is where this Peace is kept/
Could you just imagine if everyone took part/
in living life vicariously from the love within their hearts!?/
For those of you who haven’t felt just what i’m talkin’ ‘bout/
it’s a state of mind we All can have that ya just can’t live without/
It’s why we’re here /each one of us/ the purpose of our soul,
to accept All life and know we’re One it’s the fastest way to grow/
We all come from the same place/ Soul connection/ human race/
we must Unite the time is near/ our highest calling/to lose all fear/
Love yourself and Accept you too/ our earthly mission Be true to You/
Such simple truth if you believe/ have some Faith and you’ll receive/
Love is all there really is/ yet fear takes over / we cease to Live
Trust your instinct or Higher Power/ you’ll find your Peace/ the earth will flower/
with seeds of Peace they’ll grow and spread/ you’ll lose the demons in your head/
That really Is possible/ it’s been IN us All/ all along.
Dig real deep/ you’ll see it’s there/ gotta get beyond that surface layer/
Peel through all the pain and hurt/ see the raw beauty of who you are/
Child of God through the human veil/ this body but a host to your eternal Being/
Lisa Jane Emery


the sands of time….

The sands of time ~ like deserts wide
Keep movin on ~ no rewind
Spread across ~ eternity
The future holds ~ uncertainty
Embrace your now ~ that’s all there is
Refuse it tho’ ~ and cease to live.
Stop holding back ~ your destiny
Grab hold this day~ and be free
Live with your heart ~ embrace your core
One small step ~ then reach for more
Our thoughts create – our destiny
Trust and believe ~ Then you Will see
It takes some faith ~ and patience too
Then the rewards ~ will come to u
Faith is not ~ something you See
Believe it FIRST  ~ so it can Be
The eyes can see ~ the shallow plains
But with the heart ~ see what remains
This life it is ~ on-ly a blink
Its not as serious ~ as u may think
Live each day ~ like its yur last
Cuz it’s what’s here now don’t look back
~ mz shady lee