Seeds of Peace


In this day/ in this age/ most people suffer some sort of rage/
There’s a movement amongst us/ it’s called Peace of mind/
it’s a natural state that we can All find/
Have a little compassion for all life that you see/
every person/ every creature/every plant/every tree.
All of life is sacred/ nothing is exempt,
an open mind and open heart is where this Peace is kept/
Could you just imagine if everyone took part/
in living life vicariously from the love within their hearts!?/
For those of you who haven’t felt just what i’m talkin’ ‘bout/
it’s a state of mind we All can have that ya just can’t live without/
It’s why we’re here /each one of us/ the purpose of our soul,
to accept All life and know we’re One it’s the fastest way to grow/
We all come from the same place/ Soul connection/ human race/
we must Unite the time is near/ our highest calling/to lose all fear/
Love yourself and Accept you too/ our earthly mission Be true to You/
Such simple truth if you believe/ have some Faith and you’ll receive/
Love is all there really is/ yet fear takes over / we cease to Live
Trust your instinct or Higher Power/ you’ll find your Peace/ the earth will flower/
with seeds of Peace they’ll grow and spread/ you’ll lose the demons in your head/
That really Is possible/ it’s been IN us All/ all along.
Dig real deep/ you’ll see it’s there/ gotta get beyond that surface layer/
Peel through all the pain and hurt/ see the raw beauty of who you are/
Child of God through the human veil/ this body but a host to your eternal Being/
Lisa Jane Emery


Sands of Time

The sands of time like deserts wide

keep holding on – no rewind.

Spread across eternity

the future holds uncertainty.

Embrace your “now”…that’s all there is

refuse it though and cease to live.

Stop holding back your destiny

grab hold this day and be set free.

Live with your heart – embrace your core

one small step then reach for more.

Our thoughts create our destiny

Trust and Believe – then you will see.

It takes some Faith and Patience too

but then rewards will come to you.

Faith is not something you see

Believe it First so it can be.

The eyes can see the shallow plains

but with the heart see what remains.

This life we know is just a blink

It’s not as serious as you may think.

Live each day like it’s your last

It’s what’s here now…don’t look back.

Lisa Jane Emery

A Classy Dame

As published by Eber & Wein Publishing in

Best Poets of 2014



As a child, writing short stories and plays were a coping mechanism to the madness around me. It was during the mid teens in which I dicovered poetry…or poetry discovered me…it’s a fine line. While living in a dorm at a Christian home for troubled young people is when it began. This is the very first poem I ever wrote and put to paper, at sixteen years of age.


Why am I so messed up inside

Holding feelings I don’t want to hide.

I’m trying so hard to deal with myself…

But my problems are left sitting up on the shelf.

I try to clear them to no avail..

Everything I do just seems to fail

Nothing I do seems to turn out right

But something inside me won’t stop the fight

I’m torn and tossed in this stormy sea

Trying to find who I’m meant to be

So many emotions all bottled inside

It can really mess up ones heart and mind

Things are confused…jumbled together,

Making my heart feel so under the weather. 


I’m hurting and hurting, the pain is so deep,

I’m climbing the mountain but its still too steep.

I need someone to lean on, who’ll understand,

Someone who’ll lend me their helping hand.

Most people are users…they like to abuse…

So when I get hurt…it’s really nothing new.

They say they’re “playin” but it cuts like a knife,

They just itch to cause someone strife.

Now my emotions are scarred and abused,

Body and soul are battered and bruised.

So be ready to fight…take it in stride…

Cuz this is a game…most people call life.

Lisa J Emery ’85

Honored to be published in “The Best Poets and Poems of 2012 – Featured Poet”

Signs of the Times
As published by The World Poetry Movement

So much turmoil in this place…wherein lies the human race.
All’s connected, all is one, yet still the threads are come undone.
We’ve dug ourselves in oh so deep —
Our mother earth, oh how she weeps.
The choice is ours to save our race, though serious issues must be faced.
And first of all, the place to start..we all must search inside our hearts…where peace begins, before it can flow..and spread to others to flourish and grow.
So many don’t see this, they’re fueled by hate…and greed and envy and the need to dictate.
The quest for “more” by cynical minds…they’re too blind to see all the signs of the times.
Only we can change it, with conscious thought, and by treating others, the way that we ought.
Its a global issue we all need to do, necessary by all so the message gets through.
Something so simple yet oh so deep, for what we sow we truly shall reap.
To acknowledge our ties to each other is key…for the sake of our planet and humanity.
No matter who you are or whence you came
Inside us all, we are One and the same!
~ Shady

Lisa Jane Emery 2012

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the sands of time….

The sands of time ~ like deserts wide
Keep movin on ~ no rewind
Spread across ~ eternity
The future holds ~ uncertainty
Embrace your now ~ that’s all there is
Refuse it tho’ ~ and cease to live.
Stop holding back ~ your destiny
Grab hold this day~ and be free
Live with your heart ~ embrace your core
One small step ~ then reach for more
Our thoughts create – our destiny
Trust and believe ~ Then you Will see
It takes some faith ~ and patience too
Then the rewards ~ will come to u
Faith is not ~ something you See
Believe it FIRST  ~ so it can Be
The eyes can see ~ the shallow plains
But with the heart ~ see what remains
This life it is ~ on-ly a blink
Its not as serious ~ as u may think
Live each day ~ like its yur last
Cuz it’s what’s here now don’t look back
~ mz shady lee

This Ride Called Life

i’m a lil bit country…a lil bit rock n roll…a lil pop…some classic rock….a bit hip hop and a whole lotta soul.
im a lil bit of everything…a lil bit nuthin at all…sometimes i’m depressed…sometimes i’m havin a ball
sometimes i’m quiet…ya won’t hear a peep…other times i’m hyper…and feelin’ quite upbeat
at times i can be stern…then playful after that…other times i’m frustrated…then get silly as the cat
ups and downs…highs and lows on this rollercoaster ride of Life
it takes us thru dark tunnels…then barrels out into the light
round and round and round it goes…never stops quite when ya want
it goes and goes til the ride is done…before it’ll ever let ya off
and when at last its finally done…it’s best not to fight or resist…for now it’s time to get off…and move on to the next.