Leaders who don’t lead and aim to intercede and impede / while they people watch in horror shaking heads in disbelief. Children scream and cry in horror they hot damn little warriors while they parents get bent over jus’ becuz they ain’t his color! Peace will only come when peaceful acts are daily done / and it’s our leaders sposta lead by example word and deed / when they lose God and moral creed / but instead make dread decrees while the hate spread like disease as they lose at bein’ lead.
From the darkness will emerge the Rainbow Warriors of the world / who will spread their light and shields o’er the dark orange overlord as he plans his space station wars behind open white house doors / since he’ll spill it in a tweet sending signal to a fleet and wonder HOW the word got out cuz he the BEST and he got clout yet ain’t got nuttin’ figgered out / how could Potus be so bogus what if HIS son got took out!?
Don’t matter where we come from what matters who we ARE / inside erry one us is a bright and shinin’ star. We born in different places that’s not somethin’ we can change / families shouldn’t be separated, torn apart and rearranged / this aint’ yo stage while in ya empiric rage / can’t even engage in civil debate or concentrate / How many ‘gates’ n’ scandals while ya drone on and ramble takin’ too many gambles on lives ain’t yours to handle / yur time is comin’ better get it in / people’s nerves be wearin’ thin at the circles you runnin in / gonna be exposed and lawd only knows how big you’ll explode when the lies don’t hold / haters gettin’ mighty bold as you fold and ego implodes in yur shallow lil world all alone.
Light Workers raise it Loud / alone or in a crowd stand proud / shine it bright we gon’ flood this earth wit’ LoveandLight / no needa choose sides or fight we all One it’s gon’ be alright we ALL got Rights. Yet we born and become enslaved to society’s rules n ways it’s time for US to make the change / make the darkness cave and shrink away to it’s grave from whence it came / global consciousness can then take shape and centre stage / gon’ make Peace and Love that wave / God bless the children keep em safe. Wut
Lisa Jane Emery
A Classy Dame

DID Ghostwriter


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