Honored to be published in “The Best Poets and Poems of 2012 – Featured Poet”

Signs of the Times
As published by The World Poetry Movement

So much turmoil in this place…wherein lies the human race.
All’s connected, all is one, yet still the threads are come undone.
We’ve dug ourselves in oh so deep —
Our mother earth, oh how she weeps.
The choice is ours to save our race, though serious issues must be faced.
And first of all, the place to start..we all must search inside our hearts…where peace begins, before it can flow..and spread to others to flourish and grow.
So many don’t see this, they’re fueled by hate…and greed and envy and the need to dictate.
The quest for “more” by cynical minds…they’re too blind to see all the signs of the times.
Only we can change it, with conscious thought, and by treating others, the way that we ought.
Its a global issue we all need to do, necessary by all so the message gets through.
Something so simple yet oh so deep, for what we sow we truly shall reap.
To acknowledge our ties to each other is key…for the sake of our planet and humanity.
No matter who you are or whence you came
Inside us all, we are One and the same!
~ Shady

Lisa Jane Emery 2012

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Waving my flag from the hypothetical caboose

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted…it’s funny how it escapes you until you realize just how much time has passed. Sometimes it seems like a stealth mission the way i avoid the laptop or writing materials as if i fear them.  It’s an odd dance swaying like a pendulum from one side to the next which I’ve been attempting to decipher for some time now.  If anything, my avoidance techniques are in top form i can say with all the great ideas I’ve lost  in the of depths of self sabotage. 

Now as I try to get my work “together” it likens to a sea of endless abyss…of paper and scattered notes drifting about like puzzle pieces none of which match.  It becomes paralyzing at times when I think about how much work there is to put together, I’ve been writing a long time…but i now admit I’ve been somewhat of a closet writer.  After being shut down with certain abusive situations in my life i lost my voice and have hidden my work in fear of being heard.  Which is why i believe i avoid putting myself into a “writing circumstance” much of the time.  

Through much self exploration over the past year or so I have learned much about myself, and one major thing I’ve learned is to Accept my flaws!  I have many physical and mental impairments which i’m really just coming to terms with…and y’know what?!  I’ve learned to embrace them…to embrace Me for all I am and all I’m not and thankful to realize the differences.  As I learn to set small goals for myself I intend to make writing visibly, more often one of them.  

As I realized how much energy I was using by denying my flaws i knew I had to change something.  And that something was in the “if you can’t beat them, join them” format, so I jumped aboard the crazy train and am now waving my flag from the hypothetical caboose.  We ALL have flaws, but when we expend our energy trying to hide them then no one else let alone ourselves will see the beautiful person Inside!  

Free yourself from the enslavement of your own mind and embrace the endless possibilities you have in your grasp…all you gotta do is Reach baby!!

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Peace, Love and Light to All