Natures Fury….The clouds roll in and the sky turns black

The clouds roll in and the sky turns black

the lightning flashes…the thunder cracks

The ominous presence of nature takes hold

as the furies unleash and the storm unfolds

The skies open up and the rains come down

the torrents unleash…they know no bounds

The rolling thunders have a powerful voice

to acknowledge this power is our only choice

So sit back and witness nature’s violent song

’til it all subsides and decides to move on.

(c) Shady

I don’t know bout ya all…but i LOVE me a good thunderstorm and i raised my girls the same.  It would be an exciting time when thunderstorms came about at our house.

My inspiration for this poem was a particular ‘electrical’ storm i guess you’d call it. It seemed like lights were being flashed behind the clouds at rapid, brief intervals.  It always leaves me awestruck at the power of nature…awed and fearful..and full of respect.

I hope you enjoyed 🙂

Much peace, love & light