Could u live without ur Smartphone?

For the last 8 days due to influences beyond my control…i was forced to live without my…blackberry smartphone!   i know…it was tragic and i had one of those mini heart attacks one gets when they realize…OMG I HAVE NO CELL SERVICE!!!  That can be pretty tragic c’mon!!  The first couple days  i was thinkin bout all the things i was missin out on on my cell.  But then i started realizin all the things i had been missin out on cuz my face was buried in my cell while i was walkin.  i started seein all the new buds and flowers blooming, and the birds with their beautiful colors.  Parents out with their newly walking babies who toddle about on their chunky lil legs and of course all the dogs out for walks with their curiosity in high gear.

Now that my cell service is back on…I’ve decided that I’m not gonna walk and text anymore.  i don’t wanna miss the simple beauty cuz my nose is at my cell aaaaand it really Can be dangerous!  I’ll leave ya with a lil incident to prove my point.  As i was walking through the park last summer, fervently texting away and oblivious to all around me…i tripped.  No it wasn’t jus one of those lil skip trips where ya look around to see if anyone noticed.  It was the trip over yur own feet where ya totally hit the ground trip.  And not only did i hit the ground…i hit the ground landing on my elbows and forearms and nose touching the cement…i then rolled over (as gracefully as i could) so i was in a “turtle on its back” position and then i then jumped up and stuck celly in me pocket.  Afterwards I shook it off and laughed as i realized i hadn’t missed a beat with that text.  I shake my head when i think of that.

So my message is simple…take the time to really look around during your daily travels…really See whats goin on around you and find beauty in the small things.  Don’t get so caught up in the technology in your hands…it’ll be there when ya get a few minutes to spare.

Wishing erryone much Peace, Love and Light


out for a stroll...


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