let’s make it right…anutha poem by shady

so…so many people…we all got…the same message

it’s time…to get thru…to anybody who…can make a difference

our world…it needs a savin…our animals…need a safe haven

so they can live…so we can live…in freedom

the way we’re meant to…all these blinded eyes they turn their backs on

the real important things…so they can have more bling and these our leaders

spend all the dollas…while we got people…starvin’ in the street could be someone u meet

so much suffering…at the hand of man we’ve got to take a stand

stop the seal slaughter…look how far we’ve sunk…it affects everyone

we’re gonna kill ourselves this world has turned to hell

lets treat each other well while there’s still time…we can make it right

our animals have rights…innocence in their eyes…let’s make it right!  let’s make it right!

(c) shady lee



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