Could u live without ur Smartphone?

For the last 8 days due to influences beyond my control…i was forced to live without my…blackberry smartphone!   i know…it was tragic and i had one of those mini heart attacks one gets when they realize…OMG I HAVE NO CELL SERVICE!!!  That can be pretty tragic c’mon!!  The first couple days  i was thinkin bout all the things i was missin out on on my cell.  But then i started realizin all the things i had been missin out on cuz my face was buried in my cell while i was walkin.  i started seein all the new buds and flowers blooming, and the birds with their beautiful colors.  Parents out with their newly walking babies who toddle about on their chunky lil legs and of course all the dogs out for walks with their curiosity in high gear.

Now that my cell service is back on…I’ve decided that I’m not gonna walk and text anymore.  i don’t wanna miss the simple beauty cuz my nose is at my cell aaaaand it really Can be dangerous!  I’ll leave ya with a lil incident to prove my point.  As i was walking through the park last summer, fervently texting away and oblivious to all around me…i tripped.  No it wasn’t jus one of those lil skip trips where ya look around to see if anyone noticed.  It was the trip over yur own feet where ya totally hit the ground trip.  And not only did i hit the ground…i hit the ground landing on my elbows and forearms and nose touching the cement…i then rolled over (as gracefully as i could) so i was in a “turtle on its back” position and then i then jumped up and stuck celly in me pocket.  Afterwards I shook it off and laughed as i realized i hadn’t missed a beat with that text.  I shake my head when i think of that.

So my message is simple…take the time to really look around during your daily travels…really See whats goin on around you and find beauty in the small things.  Don’t get so caught up in the technology in your hands…it’ll be there when ya get a few minutes to spare.

Wishing erryone much Peace, Love and Light


out for a stroll...



Growth…equals pain.  It means letting go of what no longer serves us.

Letting go is a difficult process and its growing pains can be difficult, especially if one has a problem with saying good bye. 

Truly…it’s the memories which remain which keep us tied to that we try to let go of.  We can honor those memories by embracing the good ones…leaving behind those which were less than good and reflecting on the growth during that time.  Using it as a reminder of the lessons learned which will remind us where to be careful in future times. 

The best thing we can do is learn from such lessons and move on with dignity and integrity and know that we’re creating a better life for ourselves by accepting…and moving on.

shady lee

let’s make it right…anutha poem by shady

so…so many people…we all got…the same message

it’s time…to get thru…to anybody who…can make a difference

our world…it needs a savin…our animals…need a safe haven

so they can live…so we can live…in freedom

the way we’re meant to…all these blinded eyes they turn their backs on

the real important things…so they can have more bling and these our leaders

spend all the dollas…while we got people…starvin’ in the street could be someone u meet

so much suffering…at the hand of man we’ve got to take a stand

stop the seal slaughter…look how far we’ve sunk…it affects everyone

we’re gonna kill ourselves this world has turned to hell

lets treat each other well while there’s still time…we can make it right

our animals have rights…innocence in their eyes…let’s make it right!  let’s make it right!

(c) shady lee


This life kin g…

This life kin get hard…sometimes..
when we close off our hearts…and minds
how kin we be… so blind
jus go relax…unwind
wer all from the same…life source
don’t matta who…u are
whether ur near…or far
don’t judge each otha…is key
lets live in…har-mo-ny
peace could come so…easily
jus’ open ur eyes…and see
helping ur neighbor is alright
by aiding a stranger…yule see the light
giving…is what goes around
Karma…grows in leaps..& bounds
what u give…is what u get
in this life…jus’ don’t forget
be careful…with each passing day
with every single…word u say
cuz every hurtful thing u pass…
will come back round…and bite yo’ ass!!

shady lee


My review of the Ian Somerhalder Website

Being the ‘star gazer’ i am (both Hollywood And Celestial) i notice and pay attention to what goes on in the world of Celebrity.  And i must say I’ve never been more inspired by a celeb who is using his fame for the bettering of our planet and its creatures with such zeal and intensity.  I know of many others as well who run amazing charities and organizations and really make a difference…but this one Really stood out from the rest with its spectacular photos and meaningful quotes, to the depth of research and captivating well written articles  and seen the impact he was having in so many areas.  This person is a hottie with a heart, full of passion and compassion for all the things that truly matter.  All things environmental, animal. habitat, respecting and saving our animals…getting dirty n cleaning up his part of the world and doing all he can to improve ours and our childrens chances of survival on our mother earth.  Oh and did i mention he’s included educating our youth to do the same?  
With his smoldering good looks and penetrating gaze, I’m speaking of Ian Somerhalder and his amazing IS Foundation.  For those of you not familiar with the name, he is also known as Damon Salvatore from the hit series Vampire Diaries and before that he was Boone on J J. Abrams super hit series Lost.  
After going through his website i was just amazed and pleased as punch with the difference he’s making with the blessings he’s been given.  
His site is chock full of very well written articles, factual information and statistics of our planet, our animals and the ways we can help by going green, deforestation awareness and more efficient ways to use energy.  It’s informative, interesting and makes one want to dive in and ‘get dirty’ with Get Dirty program.  With easy to access pages specifically for kids and youth as well, i found it so inspiring The IS kids program is on Facebook as well, with all kinds of fun stuff and ways to get involved for the young ‘uns and Youth as well.  It’s very interactive, informative, well written and expressed by a wonderful team of commited people making a difference with every fiber of their being.  Thank you Ian for the steps you’re taking to make a difference.  A difference that affects all of us…as we are all interconnected as One.