This Ride Called Life

i’m a lil bit country…a lil bit rock n roll…a lil pop…some classic rock….a bit hip hop and a whole lotta soul.
im a lil bit of everything…a lil bit nuthin at all…sometimes i’m depressed…sometimes i’m havin a ball
sometimes i’m quiet…ya won’t hear a peep…other times i’m hyper…and feelin’ quite upbeat
at times i can be stern…then playful after that…other times i’m frustrated…then get silly as the cat
ups and downs…highs and lows on this rollercoaster ride of Life
it takes us thru dark tunnels…then barrels out into the light
round and round and round it goes…never stops quite when ya want
it goes and goes til the ride is done…before it’ll ever let ya off
and when at last its finally done…it’s best not to fight or resist…for now it’s time to get off…and move on to the next.

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