found a lil piece of heaven today

amidst the red hill valley expressway, i found a babbling creek. a lil slice of heaven in an otherwise hectic world, where i gladly took a seat. surrounded by a small waterfall is where i dangled my feet and took in my surroundings…every sound, sight & movement i captured in my stillness. the stillness where the most important things are heard, or noticed.
a few people walked over the bridge very close to my tranquil place…yet i went unnoticed, the creek went unnoticed…as they walked the trail it seemed such a hurry, don’t stray off the path, keep yur eyes straight ahead. not noticing the wondrous world around them.
sometimes you’ve just got to stop and take notice of the small things…appreciate the beauty all around you. it’s the simple things which we need to heed…before it disappears in a world of greed.