you can make it!

life is rough…

you gotta be tough

to make it in this world…

belief in you…

is what you need

and strength to just be still

you’ll open up

a whole new door…

if you give it a chance

this dull ol’ world

of pain and grief…

it really can enhance

it’ll show you pleasure

above all measure…

every single day

you need to let it envelop you

and follow your path…

your way.


is what we need…

no matter what you think.

to know thyself

and be one with life

is more important

than you think.

you’ll feel the love we all can feel…

it’s centered deep within.

to never touch the truth inside

would be a tragic sin.

so just be still

and know your strength…

you’ll find it

when in need.

for when you tap this gift inside,

true strength

you’ll find indeed!

~ljei 12/3/86