ever had “one of those wks”, or days or whatever!? obviously we all do. i’ve just had “one of those wks” and i’m thankful to say i believe it’s over. during those times boy is it easy to let negativity take control! i normally like to think of myself as a very postitive person, and i don’t think i really ever noticed how much “work” (thoughts) go into being “positive”. it’s so easy to sink into that abyss of darkness i’m sure we all face at times..and at those times it doesnt seem like the sun will ever come out again. but coming out of these times is what actually makes us stronger ppl…it just depends on yur perception of things. i love that word! “perception”. such a strong word…y’know. a group of 6 ppl could all be a part of the same experience..yet if y’ask all 6 ppl separately u could get 6 different versions of said experience. perception. we all see things in our own unique way…like no one else. so anyway…all that is leading up to a poem i wrote which i’d like to share:

sometimes things happen we can’t comprehend…
and the trials we face we can’t bare.
the blows we are dealt can be cruel and unkind…
and face it…life can be unfair!
the storms that we weather, can throw us off course
and at times we’ll feel truly beat down.
more often than not, when we feel hardest hit
it can seem like we’re going to drown.
jus’ know in these times, ‘tho the reason’s unknown,
there’s purpose for the cross’s we bear.
we don’t always see all the strength it can bring,
even tho’ it has always bin there!
in the hour of darkness…when brought to our knees…
when we feel, that all hope is gone…
only then…will we find…the light that we seek…
and find the power…we’ve had all along!

lisa j emery-irwin 2/10/10

copyright protected 2010

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