a rainy day

well i don’t know ’bout everyone else…but i jus’ love watchin’ a good ol’ thunder ‘n lightnin storm. the louder it is the better i like it. i find it both exciting, yet humbling at the same time… after seeing what goes on in other parts of the world, i feel truly blessed to live where i do…where only a thunderstorm or electrical storm is the norm. So…on this rainy day….i wish to share my thoughts on….

natures fury

the clouds roll in

and the sky turns black…

the lightning flashes

the thunder cracks…

the ominous presence of nature

takes hold

as the furies unleash

and the storm unfolds

the skies open up

and the rains come down

the torrents unleash…

they know no bounds

the rolling thunders

have a powerful voice

to acknowledge this power

is our only choice…

so sit back and witness nature’s violent song

till it all subsides

and decides to move on

~lisa j emery-irwin 8/10/09


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