the reunion

well this past weekend was definitely one to remember. the ol’ high school reunion weekend, and when i say weekend…i mean aall weekend. 50 yrs of alumni showed up which made for quite an interesting mix. there was soo many ppl there & lots of happy smilin faces…memories flooding back from the far reaches of the mind…faces forgotten over the yrs reconnecting again. the school put on a fantastic set up. there were “decade rooms” to peruse…school memorabilia being sold by todays students…there were after parties, a bar in the “caf” :0 a live band playing outside in the tent, and there was even a school production of Grease which was fantastic and a catered dinner. seen some of the teachers of yesteryear & chuckled at the old sinks in the girls room which u have to step on the pedal to release the water…aah the good ol’ days. it was an amazing time with amazing friends new and old.
a word to the young…get involved while u can…the regrets which eventually come are usually due to the things u didn’t do rather than the things you did! don’t be afraid to join a team..there’s lots to choose from so there’s something for everyone no matter what your interests…say “heyy” to everyone whether you know them or not…being friendly is too under rated & there’d be much less tension if u just pass yur smile on!

well thats my “randomness from within” for today. i wish all much peace, light & love


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